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Swine Services

  • Centralized Processing
    Biotronics maintains a staff of highly skilled image interpretation laboratory technicians for custom processing of images.  Turnaround time for obtaining results is minimized with a web-based image upload and download protocol.  All images and results remain the property of the person or company sending in the images for interpretation along with being treated as proprietary and confidential information.  This service provides consistency in image interpretation and a valuable feedback service to the technicians capturing the images. 

  • Technician Training
    Biotronics works cooperatively with Iowa State University in the training of swine ultrasound technicians.  The training covers classroom topics of animal anatomy and proper scanning procedures and scanning of animals.  Each technician has the opportunity to review and process their own images at the Biotronics laboratory.  A certification program is conducted on the last day of training. 

  • Ultrasound Scanners
    Biotronics has developed software algorithms for both the Aloka SSD 500V with the UST 5011 12.5cm probe and the Aquila Vet with the ASP 18cm probe.  Both equipment types provide excellent images for analyzing pork composition and quality traits. The Exago digital scanner is also now available with an IMF prediction model in BioSoft Toolbox II for Swine.
    See EQUIPMENT for more information.

  • Image Quality
    Image Quality Slideshow