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Biotronics is excited to announce we now have a distributor in Spain and Portugal.  Humeco is a Spanish company devoted to the livestock market and specialized in the veterinary world. It began its activity in 1996, and since then the company has developed a wide experience in the sector for a wide range of fields: animal health products, biosecurity, veterinary materials and everything related to insemination and animal reproduction. Recently the company focuses on the development of applications for animal reproduction and the distribution of new productive technologies for the livestock nowadays and to the future. Humeco has customers in the main European livestock companies and stands out for its seriousness and the quality of its service. 

Biotronics se complace en anunciar que ahora tenemos un distribuidor en España y Portugal.  Humeco es una empresa española dedicada al mercado ganadero y especializado en la rama veterinaria. Comenzó su actividad en 1.996, y desde entonces ha desarrollado una gran experiencia en el sector para una amplia gama de campos: productos de salud animal, bioseguridad, materiales veterinarios y todo lo relacionado con la inseminación y reproducción animal. Recientemente la empresa se centra en el desarrollo de aplicaciones para la reproducción animal y distrubución de nuevas tecnologías productivas para la ganadería de nuestros días y del futuro. Humeco cuenta con clientes en las principales empresas ganaderas Europeas y destaca por su seriedad y la calidad de su servicio.

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Biotronics is excited to announce we now have a distributor in South Korea. Song-Kang GLC has devoted itself with efforts to be a trustable leader in supplying equipment, tool and device in livestock field including ultrasound animal pregnancy scanner and animal back-fat thickness measuring device since 1992. After that the company has developed and expanded a range of business from the livestock field to animal science field. SONGKANG make a distributorship as parts of technical development. SONGKANG have a variety of livestock partner companies in the world. We at Songkang hope that we will introduce Biotronics Toolbox(R) II with a good reputation into swine industrial market successfully.

송강지엘씨는 1992년 창립 이후로 최첨단 초음파 임신진단기와 동물용 등지방 측정기를 포함하여 축산기자재 분야의 디바이스와 도구 그리고 장비를 공급하는데 있어서 신뢰할 수 있는 리더가 되기 위하여 최선의 노력을 다하고 있습니다. 그 이후로 축산 분야에서 다양한 사업들을 확장해왔으며 첨단 축산기기를 개발하기 위하여 끊임 없이 노력하고 있습니다. 또한 송강은 이런 기술개발의 일환으로 바이오트로닉스와 파트너쉽을 체결하게 되었습니다. 송강은 세계적으로 다양한 축산분야의 파트너가 있습니다. 좋은 평판을 가지고 있는 바이오트로닉스를 국내 시장에 도입하고 성공적으로 소개하게 되길 바랍니다.

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DAOU was build in year 2001 and located in Zhengzhou high-tech industrial development zone. It is a modern group cooperation engaged in manufacturing, domestic trade and international trade. DAOU devoted its effort to introducing advanced foreign technology and experience into China, including artificial insemination equipment, gas heating products and technology, automatic feeding equipment etc. We have a variety of livestock partner companies in the world. And the general manager Mr. Ma Yao was entitled with “Knight” by the French Government in 2013. Now we are the leader in the animal ultrasound scanner field and our animal ultrasound sales volume ranked first in China. Biotronics, Inc. is professional in the field of ultrasound software and solutions for the swine worldwide. We hope to make a good partnership with Biotronics and we have confidence to introduce Biosoft Toolbox II into Chinese swine industrial market successfully.