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BioQscan® pork carcass grading system

Biotronics, Inc. serves a large segment of the swine breeding companies world-wide with ultrasound technology (BioSoft Toolbox II) to scan and measure live swine for both composition and quality traits.  The company’s counterpart pork carcass grading system, called BioQscan®, is being used in several Midwestern pork packing plants.  BioQscan® is the only known grading technology that has a direct corollary to technology being used by swine breeding companies.  This grading technology is noninvasive and has been successfully tested up to a chain speed of 1,400 carcasses per hour.  BioQscan® represents generation III in ultrasound technology, employing fully digital technology with extensive database and plant user interaction including digital “roll out.”

In the spring of 2015, the ASTM Committee F10 on Livestock, Meat and Poultry Evaluation Systems approved an amendment to ASTM F2343 – 09, Standard Test Method for Livestock, Meat, and Poultry Evaluation Devices, to include the test method for the BioQscan® Carcass Grading System.  With the ASTM F10 Committee’s approval, the BioQscan® Carcass Grading System testing procedures comply with the PSP Act and regulations if followed.

BioQscan® is a fully-integrated system that includes an ultrasound scanner, computer processing center, and scanning probe.  The system’s stainless steel cabinet withstands the environmental rigors of all pork packing plants.  The system’s database is custom tailored to interface with other plant processing requirements including carcass sequence or identification systems.  All processing is done at line speeds with instant availability of pork loin % IMF and carcass % lean determinations. For plants lacking individual carcass identification capabilities, an add-on carcass sequence number printer or other numbering system can be included.

The BioQscan® system fits any scale of daily pork processing capacity, from 1,400 carcasses per hour, down to much lower capacities.  Custom kill plants can use the BioQscan® system to not only differentiate high quality loins, but to provide payment premiums to producers who are supplying them with a consistently high quality pig.

Plants must provide:

  • Clean 120v power source (USA Installations) & Ethernet.

  • Alignment fixture that will turn and maintain carcasses at a correct angle for probe positioning as the carcass moves past the scanning station.

  • Over-head counter balance fixture to assist the probe operator.

  • Interface specifications for merging the BioQscan® data flow with other in-plant data processing requirements.

  • Trolley tracking for carcass identification or alternative numbering system.

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