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Swine Ultrasound Training

To schedule an ultrasound training session, please contact us.

Our ultrasound technician will travel to your location and conduct classroom along with hands-on scanning practice tailored to fit your needs.

Online Lab Certification

To schedule an online lab certification for either beef or swine to become a certified lab technician for interpreting images please contact us.

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Latest BioSoft Toolbox II for Swine: as of 6/7/2016

Latest BioSoft Toolbox II for Beef: as of 6/7/2016

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Visit

On March 19, 2012, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Bill Northey made a visit to Biotronics, Inc.  Secretary Northey stopped in to get an overview on the BioQscan® pork carcass grading system that Biotronics has developed and to see a demonstration of the technology at work.  Secretary Northey is pictured with the current Board of Directors, starting on the left Tom Bass, Gene Rouse, Doyle Wilson, Bill Northey, and Viren Amin.  The BioQscan® pork grading system is currently undergoing plant trials within a major pork packing plant.